Managed Account Solutions

While most investors understand the advantages of diversification, asset allocation and timely rebalancing of their portfolios, many don't have the experience, time or interest in applying these crucial portfolio management techniques to their own accounts. We offer Investment Advisory services to manage your accounts that are fee based, not commission based.

The process starts with a FREE/NO COMMITMENT risk assessment after which we will schedule an in-person or web meeting. During that meeting one of our team members will determine your financial needs, time horizons, income needs, etc. Based on the information you provide, we will prepare a proposal and an investment policy statement for your consideration. If the proposed solution is acceptable, we will lead you through the paperwork required to open the account and will start managing it for you as soon as it's funded. It is that simple!

If you are interested or have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us  for more information.

*Diversification and Asset Allocation do not assure better performance and can not eliminate the risk of investment losses. There are risks involved in investing including market fluctuations and potential loss of principal value, which may not be suitable for every situation.