Advisory Services


While most investors understand the advantages of diversification, asset allocation and timely re-balancing of their portfolios, many don't have the experience, time or interest in applying these portfolio management techniques to their own accounts. But the worst enemy of individual investors is their own emotions.

Did you know that research shows that, on average, an advisor's involvement can add 3% to a client's return net of advisory fees?1 Did you also know that at 8% annual rate of return, this accumulates to over 75% more in assets in 20 years without any additional contributions? Wonder why? The answer is simple! We take emotions out of the process and utilize cost effective asset allocation strategies, manage for timely re-balancing and gradual shifts towards client appropriate risk levels as retirement approaches!

At Prairie Capital Management we offer comprehensive Financial Advisory and Portfolio Management Services. Our professionals have developed investment models to meet a wide range of economic conditions and different risk tolerances. We utilize an active management approach to tax efficient financial products and tactically update our portfolios' exposures based on a set of technical indicators. At the same time, we offer access to a wide range of Institutional Portfolio Managers for interested clients.

If you are tired of managing your own emotions, make a change today! Contact us! We are here to help!

1The study of 14 large retirement plans, by Aon Hewitt and Financial Engines, between 2006-2012.