Financial Planning

Advisor-Guided Financial Planning is a package that combines benefits of our professional expertise and one year access to a comprehensive financial planning software MoneyGuidePro®. This package is available  at no cost for clients who have invested $25,000 or more with our firm. Otherwise, if you haven't invested with us, we offer this package at an affordable rate of $250/hr of meeting time with our professionals. In most cases it takes one to two hours of meeting time to develop high-quality plan, however, depending on the complexity of your situation it might take longer. Future annual or bi-annual revissions mostly take no longer than one hour and are strongly encouraged to help you adjust your plan as your life circumstances change.

Self-Guided Financial Planning is a package we offer for individuals who would like to develop a Financial Plan on their own but would appreciate the robust capabilities of MoneyGuidePro®. This package comes with one-time complementary plan revision and one year access to your financial planning portal. After your term ends you will be free to simply print your plan and continue following it on your own or start taking advantage of our Advisor-Guided package.

If you would like to get started with either of the packages, please send us an email to with a brief message including your full name, date of birth and your preferred email (if different from the one you used to contact us) and our professionals will get back to you and will start working to set up your online portal.