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60 Years of S&P500 VS Index Linked Annuities

Updated: Jan 9

Hey finance enthusiasts, ready to make your money work smarter, not harder? Join Tofig Mammadov as he takes you on a through tour of the RILA Toolkit by examining how Registered Index Linked Annuities could have weathered diverse market conditions over the past 60 years.

Download the toolkit below and let's dive into the world of smart investing!

RILA Toolkit - Downloadable
Download XLSX • 234KB

Thanks for watching our RILA Toolkit tutorial!

S&P500 6-Year Rolling Returns

This is a slightly modified version of a graph from the video that represents all available 6-year total returns of the S&P500 Index sorted from low to high from January of 1960 through October of 2023. Returns are not annualized, but total and calculated on a 72 month basis.

Missed intro to RILAs video?

Click on the link below and gain insights into RILAs key features as well as where do they fit best and who should consider investing in them.

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